Previewing HP Service Manager 9.31 and Service Request Catalog 1.40

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  October 22, 12

In the last few weeks, the educational process has gotten underway regarding the new release of the HP Service Manager (HPSM) 9.31 application and the related Service Request Catalog (SRC) 1.40 solution. A Senior Developer from Techport Thirteen, Shirley Huynh, recently attended one of these training sessions through HP's user group, VIVIT, and came away with some excellent insight as to what is just around the corner.

The following summarizes the new functionality and enhancements included in HPSM 9.31:

  • Self-service Portal: Enhanced self-service support and enhanced customization capabilities
  • SM Collaboration: Have in-context conversations for incidents and changes; integrate this feature with MS Lync
  • SM-UCMDB Integration: Enhanced integration and a new integrated UCMDB browser
  • CLIP Downtime Management: Downtime management in event-to-fix

In SRC 1.40, the following new enhancements are expected:

  • Global search
  • Service subscriptions
  • Generic approvals
  • Shopping cart improvements
  • Default layout improvements
  • Custom fields support
  • 3rd party application launch
  • Customizable layout & look and feel

As I am looking through Shirley's notes, I see that she thought the "3rd Party Application Launch" feature in the SRC was very cool. You could launch audio or video files right from within the applications for specific catalog items. You could launch pre-set URL's to websites for additional information about products. As we all know, the posibilites are endless, once you are on the web.

Another feature to highlight is the new Collboration capability within HPSM. To make this more real, let's run through a quick example... you are on the Service Desk for your firm, and you receive information of an incident, you can quickly open a chat to the rest of your Service Desk team asking if anyone else has experienced a similar issue... you then learn that the same issue was reported 2 hours ago, and are given an original incident ticket to reference. Colloboration just saved you time and frustration by eliminating duplicate tickets and tieing all similar interactions together.

From an upgrade standpoint, as we have begun to rely on social media as a constant communication medium in our lives, Collaboration seems logical to help bring HP Service Manager in to the modern age.

Techport Thirteen is an HP software partner

Once the new features of the applications were covered, Shirley's session moved on to some Tips & Tricks while working with SRC.

Some takeaways included the benefits of installing 9.30, application patch 2, which includes over 400 bug fixes. The steps necessary to clear the SRC's cache were covered. You would want to clear the cache if a catalog item is not showing up in the catalog hierarchy.

Application architecture was briefly discussed. To balance the hardware load, run SRC in debugnode mode. Shirley learned that SRC can be used by 100 to 200 concurrent users per Tomcat instance. Make sure to use a hardware load balancer device if you are running more than two servlets in debugnode mode with multiple SRC web tiers. And, use cookie-based persistence with your hardware load balancing device, as this is the HP-recommended method for session persistence.

Finally, the remaining time of the training session took the participants through a demo of the SRC 1.40 solution.

HP Service Request Catalog (SRC)

Here is something that is very exciting for the user community... using the new feature of Generic Approvals, users will now have the ability to approve more than just Requests... they can now approve records in other modules too (Change, Problem, etc). Approvers will have a single place to do all approvals in SRC instead of having to login to the HPSM application.

The demo included a quick example of how the SRC dashboard can be integrated with Bomgar's chat solution using a video link. Cool stuff. Bomgar is a Techport Thirteen partner by the way :-)

Want to see Shirley's notes for yourself, including screen captures of the SRC 1.40 demo? Download them using the button below:


If you would like to review HP's sales awareness and technical awareness presentation of HP Service Manager 9.31, please download that document via the button below:


There is a lot to consume here... if you have questions, please let us know how we can help!

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