Use Case for the xMatters NotifyNext Function

Posted by Travis DePuy  I  October 8, 12

If you missed my blog post on October 1st about the notifyNext function in xMatters, and why you should learn about its purpose, please review that article before continuing. That will certainly help under the Use Case of the notifyNext function described below.

So, the other day, I ran into an interesting use case for notifyNext with a client.

Let’s start with my previous example of the Operations group of Bob, Calvin and the gang. And let's say they’ve reconfigured their team details so that the manager is notified 45 minutes after the others:

notifyNext Example - Operations Group Revised

In this case, if the servers again start melting, but now Calvin’s (user1030) car broke down, so he Rejects the event. Unfortunately, notifyNext will go directly to user1010, regardless of whether or not Bob (user1020) or Edmund (user1050) responded. The report below is worth 1000 words:

notifyNext Example - Notification Log

In this case the client didn’t want to use the notifyNext function because they thought it should wait until everyone at that delay "level" would respond, before going to the next "level".

In the example above, my client felt that user1010 wouldn’t be notified until user1020, user1030 and 1050 responded Reject or the 15 minute escalation, whichever came first. Once the last user at that "level" responded, the notifyNext would do the management escalation to user1010.

So, in response to our issue, xMatters Support opened support ticket # PM-2843. Once we have a response from them, we will post a resolution in the comments below. If anyone else has run in to this issue and has a comment to help, please post your thoughts below.

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