How to Brand the HP Service Manager Web Tier

Posted by Jerrod Davenport  I  September 4, 12

Not too long ago, one of our HP Service Manager (HP SM) consultants, Stephen Lai, received some excellent feedback from HP Support in response to a Support Request from one of our HP Service Manager ASMP-S (aka. Techport Escalate) clients. The client wanted to know the details around changing the background color in the HP SM web tier / client. Specifically, our client wanted to make some changes to the web client for disabled users who were having difficulties viewing the web tier screens as part of an application usability project.

To solve this request, the client needed to customize their web tier CSS, overall screens, and specific screen elements. But how do you do this work for the web tier? As HP Service Manager consultants, we are used to using Forms Designer or the HTML builder utilities inside of the HP Service Manager application. In order to brand the web tier, you need to access the raw files within the server application files. This takes some knowledge around where those files are located, and what should be changed to accomplish your customization goals.

HP Service Manager

HP Support sent Stephen an HP Service Manager Web Tier Customization Guide, complete with step-by-step instructions on what to change, the order the changes should be made, and even how long each change should take if completed properly. Enclosed items covered within the Guide are:

  • Masthead
  • CSS
  • Splash screen
  • Changing the logo
  • Title color
  • User name logged in
  • Changing the accordion
  • Adding your company's website
  • Adding a new MySM page

Each item above is broken down in detail, with screen captures, pathnames to files and an example. Very helpful!

If you are thinking of customizing your HP SM web tier, or if the work is already done and you have to support existing customizations, you will want this Guide for your arsenal of reference material. Basically, if you are an HP Service Manager developer or administrator, this Guide is a must-have for you.

If you are a Project Manager over an HP Service Manager application team, I highly recommend you get this Guide so you will know what is possible for your user community. All user communities like "easy", and customizing or branding your web tier will be a quick win.

Two additional things to note:

  1. The scenario described above is an excellent example of Techport Thirteen's ASMP-S offering, Techport Escalate, at work, and how an application support relationship with Techport Thirteen can improve the life of your HP Service Manager solution. Please contact us to learn more about our HP ASMP-S offering or to learn how easy it is to annually renew your HP SM licenses through Techport Thirteen.
  2. This scenario is also a good example of the improved customization opportunities with the HP Service Manager web client. If you know what you are doing, and are willing to work within the baseline parameters of an web application, then you can do pretty much anything.

Of course, Techport Thirteen can perform the branding or customization work for you, as an option, if that is easier :-)

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Have any other web tier customization tips or tricks? Please share by leaving a comment below!

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