HP Continues Mobile Trend with HP Support Center Mobile App

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  August 30, 12

Back in July, I wrote a quick summary of the new HP Software Partner App. It appears as if HP is continuing their online, app trend per the release of their new HP Support Center Mobile App.

With this new app for both iOS and Android, HP laptop/desktop, tablet, server and printer users can access information, tools and chat with HP support professionals via their app devices to help keep services running. A user can also call and open a support ticket with the HP Global Solution Center. See the full description of the app herePDF

To all of Techport Thirteen's HP services and software clients, a quick clarification as to the use of this app... you would only use this if you utilize HP for laptop/desktop, tablet, server and printer support. If you have application support issues, like with HP Service Manager, please follow your current HP support process. Check out the app's FAQ's herePDF

Now... personally, I am not sure if this app adds any real value to the common user over using the standard support website or calling HP for assistance, other than the obvious mobility benefit, but I do know that the app keeps HP support current with other support teams in the industry in the increasingly mobile, smartphone-centric world. After all, we all know that it is just a matter of time before our smartphones and tablets are as fast as our laptops. The release of this app allows HP support to be ready for users converting to smartphones and tablets, or supplementing their PC use with a smartphone or tablet. Staying current with IT trends is always a good thing.

After fiddling around with the app, you need to add your products, and then open tickets against those products as issues arise. You can also add your personal contact information as to how support can contact you with questions or resolutions. Seems fairly straight forward:

HP Support Center Mobile App - Home Screen

I read some of the reviews of the app in the iTunes app store, and it looks like the app functions well when your product is found. However, some of the older printers and devices may not be found by the app. This can be frustrating, but I am sure, over time, the range of linked device-types will grow.

If you utilize HP support today for desktops, servers, printers, etc, give it a whirl and post your experience below. I would be curious to hear from others on the app's performance, and if it made your experience working with HP support easier or not.

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