HP Service Manager Bug - Modifying Formatctrl Validation Conditions

Posted by Jerrod Davenport  I  August 2, 12

To our HP Service Manager developer and administrator friends, we at Techport Thirteen want to share a recent experience with you that we had while working with HP Service Manager in one of our HP SaaS environments.


We needed to make a minor change to a formatctrl validation... nothing special by any means. While saving the formatctrl record, all of the validation conditions (in our case, all of the validation conditions were out-of-box conditions) were set to false automatically, and the formatctrl record was put in to some kind of weird or corrupt state! After the formatctrl record is in this corrupt state, any updates to a validation condition on that particular record would default to two values, false or true.

Before Save using web client:

Before Save using web client

After Save using web client (see validation highlighted in red):

After Save using web client

If you have also come across this same error, we share your puzzling thoughts. Of course we reported the issue to HP Support, so that others may learn from our work:

HP Service Manager support ticket

Unfortunately, HP has classified this issue as a "low priority issue", and HP does not have any plans to fix this in HP SM v9.x.

Feedback from HP SaaS support:

“Apparently this is an issue that only occurs in the web client. This is classified as a lower priority and therefore there are no plans to fix this. The workaround provided is to complete the format control updates in the Windows / Eclipse client.”

Good to know.

Keep in mind that in an HP Service Manager SaaS environment, we only have windows/eclipse client access to the DEV instance. HP SaaS grants normal users, as well as software partners like Techport Thirteen, with only web-client access to TEST and PROD. There are definitely pro’s and con’s to these access constraints, but that is a larger can of worms for another time. It will be interesting then to work around this formatctrl data corruption issue going forward in the TEST and PROD SaaS environments with only web-client access. We will manage though.

Have any additional thoughts on this issue that would benefit us or others? Please post them as a comment below. I would love to learn of others who have come across the same issue.

By the way, want to see a demo of HP Service Manager specifically in a SaaS environment? We can help:


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