AMI's New Look, Logo and Branding

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  July 30, 12

Back in June, our friends at AMI (Asset Management International) put out a new logo, website, verbiage... a complete rebranding overall. They also changed their website address and started a blog. If you haven't checked out the new look, new message and new online presence of AMI, it is worth your time to do so.

Fortunately, AMI's excellent AssetTrack solution remains unchanged.

As a quick refresher, AMI is a Techport Thirteen partner specializing in hardware asset tracking solution for ITAM. Their AssetTrack solution is used by enterprise HP customers like United Airlines and Pepsi to track and manage their IT hardware within HP Asset Manager 9.3, ensuring highly accurate IT asset data in the asset repository.

AMI’s solution delivers the three essential components required to achieve 100% accurate hardware data:

  1. Data Capture - AssetTrack offers barcode and RFID scanning capability to make data capture efficient and accurate for users at the receiving dock, in warehouses, data centers and the end user environment.
  2. Data Validation - AssetTrack provides asset managers a data reconciliation tool ensuring all collected data is validated and cleaned before it is sent to HP Asset Manager, ensuring the ITAM repository is not corrupted by uncontrolled asset management processes.
  3. Integration with ITAM Systems - Lastly, AssetTrack integrates with HP Asset Manager via Connect-IT, and AMI provides all services related to installing, configuring and integrating their solution for enterprise HP Asset Manager customers.

Back to AMI's rebranding effort... the AMI logo has changed. You will notice the shortened acronym of "AMI" is now the primary focus, while the previously-used, full name of "Asset Management International" has been removed. A simple and sleek redesign then... very nice logo work in my opinion:

AMI Logo

In a nutshell, we at Techport Thirteen want to congratulate our AMI friends on their new look! We at Techport Thirteen love the changes, and may it serve you well.

Interested in learning more about AMI's AssetTrack solution, including any partner discounts that Techport Thirteen can pass along to your firm? Click or call us. We would love to chat!


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