The Release of Bomgar v12.2.1

Posted by Ash Fuqua  I  July 23, 12

New Update Helps Tech Support Organizations Improve Security

Nice Logo huh?! It lets you know what they do, and boy do they do it well!

Nice Logo huh?! It lets you know what they do, and boy do they do it well!


Ahhh the update; such a love-hate relationship: a curious excitement brought on by new content and features, and a fiery rage when encountering glitches and shortcomings. Whether it’s your favorite video game, your preferred operating system, or even implementing an innovative idea in the workplace, we’ve all experienced similar roller coaster-esque feelings about updates.

Remember that spoiler alert comment from earlier? Good! Because we are about to dive into Bomgar's latest update

I recently sat in on a very informative webinar lead by Phil Ethridge, Senior Product Engineer at Bomgar. He discussed the plethora of features included in Bomgar’s update to version 12.2.1. The update is centered on enhanced security, UI, and tools to increase customer satisfaction. Bomgar 12.2.1 offers an even better experience for administrators, representatives, and customers alike.

Let's jump in to the new features then...

Bomgar 12.2.1 offers faster screen sharing and improved security on both the Representative’s and Customer’s end. Post Session Lock protects Reps with the ability to logout the remote user, or lock the workstation. This is extremely helpful for Reps with higher privilege who work with sensitive information. The Restrict Rep Access to Customer feature gives the Customer the option to disable Reps from interacting with the Customer client. In the words of Mr. Ethridge, "no more impersonating." Enabling Restrict Rep Access to Customer prevents Reps from answering pop-up commands, typing in text boxes, and transferring files as the Customer. This feature is turned off by default.

New tools called Annotations are available during sessions by clicking on the toolbar button. These features will act as visual aides to support Reps teaching Customers how to go about solving problems. Walking the Customer through their problems will help reduce call-backs. Customers will become more independent.

Customers can now access an “appliance download key,” allowing the freedom to update manually whenever, wherever.                

Administrators may now post known issues in the form of customer notifications, A popup with your message will appear on the support portal AND the chat interface. Not only can the Admin post new messages, but he can also send these messages to any Customers waiting in open sessions. This will help cut down on support staff being overwhelmed dealing with temporary problems.

Live feedback can be provided to Customers waiting in queue, such as estimated wait time and position in queue. This feature should help greatly in reducing dropped sessions and improving Customer satisfaction.

Let Bomgar get that for you!                     

Let Bomgar get that for you!

Writing Group Policies has gotten a lot easier with Bomgar 12.2.1. Users can now create and reuse templates to help with tricky policies. The UI has gotten a lot smoother; customers with large numbers of Group Policies will benefit the most from this particular upgrade.

The feature that most caught my interest is the use of Equilibrium’s routing abilities. This gives the Admin the ability to assign support Reps and support issues certain skills. Instead of routing sessions to available reps based on their current work load, support issues are now coded based on these skills. The software will now take skills into consideration, and will assign sessions to the most qualified person first. Cool!

I know what you're thinking. Wow Ash, This is a lot to take in! How's all of this being received in the I.T. community? I'm glad you asked person-I've-never-met! So far, there have been no reports of face palming or table-flipping! From what I've read and seen first-hand, Bomgar 12.2.1 seems to be a solid update. With the new software we will be able to go a step further; we can help our customers learn how to help themselves. Customer satisfaction is expected to improve with the use of Customer Notifications and Live Feedback. This update will help support staff and customers alike. 

Bomgar 12.2.1 was released on July 16th, 2012. More information on the update can be found on the Bomgar website, at Bomgar Release 12.2.1.

Have you worked with Bomgar 12.2.1 yet? Let us know how you feel about the update, leave your comments below!

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