HP Service Manager 9.30 HTML Email Notification Introduction

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  July 9, 12

Two weeks ago, one of our awesome consultants, Chris Coldiron, held a training session for his HP Service Manager consultant peers inside of Techport Thirteen. He had recently dug deeply in to HTML Email Notifications for HP Service Manager v9.30 per a client project, and he thought it would be a good idea to share what he learned.

I agree with Chris... so let's pass some of that knowledge on to you, our blog readers.

HP Service Manager HTML Emails

Chris took us through the following logical path inside of the application:

  • Notification Engine
  • Notification Definition records, that start with "HTML"
  • HTML Template records
  • ... and finally, the resulting HTML email received by a user (see the screen capture above for an example)

Here are a couple of tidbits covered in the session to peak your interest:

Notifications fire the same was as in previous SM versions, so make sure to fill out the data in the columns in the Notification Definition record as you normally would.

Whatever template you specify in the JSCall on the Message tab within the Notification Definition record, those same changes have to be made on the Email/Mail Subject Line tab of the same Notification record.

There is a preview option on the HTML Template record, but it does not always seem to work. It has crashed the system sometimes in the past. Note that the expression tab stops at 4000 bytes, so make sure you are aware of that, as truncation will occur for data larger than this.

Chris had a few other nuggets to share, along with walking us through the process hierarchy. It was a very informative presentation. And now, you can download a copy of the presentation for yourself:


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