The Act of Finding an HP Software Partner Just Went Mobile

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  July 5, 12

Times... they are a chang'in. I just received our latest version of the HP Software Partner News e-newsletter, and as usual, very informative per Techport Thirteen's HP partnership.

This time though, there is the official news about the new HP Software Partner Directory Mobile App for the iPhone or iTouch from the Apple App Store. I had heard in the spring that this was coming, but now that it is here and available for download, I am still somewhat surprised that we are in such a mobile world... but that is a "me problem".

Regardless, I downloaded and installed the app on my iPhone4, and gave it a whirl. Cool stuff! Well, for us software nerds at least... Here are some screen captures to give you a taste of what you will see when using the app:

HP Software Partner Directory Mobile App

Per HP's description of the app, you can "Find partners around the world on your Smartphone with the new HP Software Partner Directory mobile application! Search or filter the listing to get easy access to information about HP Software partners around the globe. Get the general information about each partner, display a map of the partner's location, add the contact information to your Smartphone or initiate a call anywhere and any time."

Of course, I pulled up Techport Thirteen's record to check us out... and there we are! It's like having our company in the palm of your hand... literally!

hp software partner directory iPhone app2

Want to know more about Techport Thirteen and our HP partnership? Download our HP-based, company overview:


We would love to chat more with you about what we do, and how we can assist with your company's HP software needs! In the meantime, check us out via the HP Software Partner Directory Mobile App!

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