Use an ICS-Formatted Calendar to View Changes with Techport iCalendar

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  June 21, 12

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

The Techport iCalendar replaces the functionality of the HP Change Calendar in a way that allows the client to use any mail/calendar program that supports the industry standard of the ICS calendar format.

Techport Thirteen Packaged Solutions

The Change iCalendar keeps watch on the application’s change files and allows an administrator to specify a schedule for each inbox available to the users. This scheduled process exports an ICS file for each schedule to a WebCal enabled web application server which allows the users to subscribe separately to each calendar inbox.

By implementing the iCalendar solution, an organization can continue to use its existing mail/calendar programs. Users will not have to switch away from the calendar they use every day to manage events.

Users know how to manage, filter and identify events easily in their own mail/calendar program and can easily apply that knowledge to the Techport iCalendar.

Supported calendar programs include Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise 8.x, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Windows Live Calendar plus 57 others!

Key Features

  • Implement personal filters on the events presented via your subscriptions
  • No limitation on the number or type of fields that can be displayed
  • Have a Change or Task Calendar for Planned Start/End and another for Outage Start/End
  • The calendar is available even when Service Manager is down
  • Use the iCalendar solution on any file that has start and end dates (incident, request, etc)

View a video presentation of the Techport iCalendar solution via the Techport Thirteen YouTube Channel.

Use Your Existing Calendar Program to View and Manage Ranges of Change Records


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