My Bomgar Experience at Bomgar University

Posted by Ash Fuqua  I  June 18, 12

I remember the day I was told that I was going to be attending Bomgar University in Atlanta, GA. I wasn’t actually told…it just kind of, appeared on my Outlook calendar as “attending Bomgar.” Not coming from an I.T. background, I thought I'd be lost in a sea of acronyms (and it started off that way). However, the instructors where excellent, and by the second day I was actually grasping concepts and retaining the knowledge. 

(Not bad for a noob!)

My time at Bomgar U went like this; There were three days of classes and a test on each of the last two days. The amount of information presented you within that short amount of time can only be compared to drinking from a fire hose. 

(Sounds intense, right?!)

Well, it wasn't all studying & hard work! There was a pizza party at Fellini’s and celebration drinks at the Sundial; what did I get out of all of that? I am now officially Bomgar Certified. I received a plaque, a certificate; I even get to put it on my email signature.

 Techport Thirteen is a Bomgar Certified Partner


But what does all of this mean for my company, my customers, and our employees?

The Bomgar Corporation launched Bomgar in 2003. Their revolutionary help-desk software backs their company mission: “to change the way work is done”  ( With this technology, companies are more productive and are handling issues more cost-effectively. Problems are being solved quickly and efficiently. Customers are happy, very happy.

Bomgar’s customer base includes hospitals, colleges, and software vendors. They have gained special clearance to work with the government. On the Bomgar website, Humana, United Health, MIT and Nissan are listed as clients. Bomgar is a BIG DEAL, and all of the right people have noticed.

So what does this mean for Techport Thirteen? What does this mean for us and our customers? Because of my certification, Techport Thirteen is now granted the right to offer Bomgar as a solution for our customers, adding to our already impressive pool of resources. Now we have access to one of the most innovative technologies on the market. Not only can we offer our existing customer better solutions, this is a chance for us to expand our customer base; this is a chance for our companies to flourish together!

 My Bomgar University Classmates

To sum it all up if you or your company ever get the chance to go to a Bomgar Certification event, or any a Bomgar event in general, go! It's a great company with high energy people that care about and believe in their product! 

You can find Bomgar on Twitter, Facebook, and at their blog Bomgar Nation.

Want to learn more about Bomgar or have a need for Bomgar services? Contact Techport Thirteen today for assistance!

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