Track Email Communications with Techport Email Composer

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  June 11, 12

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

Capturing the work that is performed around a particular issue is at the core of any Service Management environment. Work can include comments added to a ticket, the history or activity records associates with a ticket, and any correspondence that is sent related to a ticket.

The Techport Email Composer recognizes this fact and allows for a HP Service Manager application instance to send emails straight from tickets while logging the details of those emails within the same Incident.

Templates can be used for standard formatting. The solution supports HTML emails, not just plain ASCII.

Techport Packaged Solutions

The solution provides the ability to schedule emails to be sent in the future, so users can schedule communications to customers to be sent in the future. Emails sent fill in necessary information from the parent ticket, so as to make the email more meaningful. Once sent, data regarding the sent email is then logged against the ticket and shown to the user.

Reports can be run to not only show the details of the ticket, but also the emails that were sent as part of the work performed for the ticket.

Communications are very important and the Techport Email Composer manages it all!

Key Features

  • Use predefined email templates for better formatting
  • Emails are filled with relevant information from the parent ticket
  • Save email data within the parent ticket
  • Allow for easy correspondence reporting per ticket similar to standard ticket auditing

Launch emails and capture the correspondence history within your tickets!


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