Techport Completes xMatters / Business Continuity Project in Healthcare Industry

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  May 1, 12

Techport Thirteen's client, a large healthcare firm who prefers to remain anonymous, received a grant from the government to support a hospital-wide business continuity and emergency notification system. They already had an implementation of xMatters in use and learned that they could leverage their existing xMatters expertise, plus some available infrastructure, to fulfill the requirements for the grant. While the client is still in the process of rolling out the full results of the business continuity project to the overall business, the mass notification system is implemented at each client site and is ready for use. Techport Thirteen is therefore very proud to have satisfied yet another xMatters client.

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Unsure of the purpose of xMatters Business Continuity or why a business might utilize its services? In summary, the solution is the most accurate mass-notification system available in the market today. It allows xMatters clients to quickly get relevant information about anything. For example within the healthcare industry, an emergency, like a fire or a lack of open hospital beds, can be sent en mass to the correct audience on multiple devices at the appropriate time. The client therefore can avoid broadcasting pages to all nurses in a hospital. With Business Continuity, only the right people are notified at the right time.

While the project was a complete success, there were definitely some technical challenges to overcome. The client was very concerned, for obvious reasons, about the security around maintenance and usage of the emergency and business continuity scenarios. They only wanted certain administrator users be able to edit these scenarios and only certain power users to be able to set them in motion. Techport Thirteen therefore did some interesting things with custom roles and permissions to allow the right users access to the right places, while denying access to unauthorized capabilities.

Interested in a demo of the xMatters Business Continuity solution or have a question as to how the xMatters product suite could help your organization? Contact Techport Thirteen and we would be happy to discuss your alert management needs.

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