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Posted by Rob Swingle  I  April 30, 12

We at Techport Thirteen are very excited about the launch of our new Blog, as a compliment to our online presence. Our blogging plan is to offer insightful content direct from our knowledge base and from our consultants about topics related to our core competencies. These competencies include HP software news, the HP Service Manager application, the ServiceNow application, the xMatters application and the full range of xMatters products, the Bomgar application, the KnowledgeBroker (KBI) solution, the AMI AssetTrack application, and the Westbury application.

We encourage interaction with and questions of our posts, and we're offering an email subscription option to blog posts, so that readers can get only the content they are interested in relative to the topics and competencies they care about. Email spam is definitely not in the plan :-)

Finally, you will see a seemless integration between our blog posts and with our social media options. Once a blog post is made, our social media accounts will also contain the same information. Feel free to intereract and comment there if you are more comfortable doing so. You may follow us using any one of the social media accounts listed in the right column.

Now, we have a bit of work to do while we get our blog up to our standards. We will be in the process of moving some of our former Techport Connections articles from our old e-newletters to our blog, so that all of our previous articles can be searched and utilized more easily. Please bare with us while during this time of data transition.

Should you have any immediate questions or feedback, please reply to this post. A moderator will respond accordingly.

Now... let's get this blog rolling!

-- your friends at Techport Thirteen

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