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Whether you are looking to roll out your new software, install upgrades, train your team, or do customizations and enhancements, Techport Thirteen is a partner you can count on to make your IT infrastructure run smoothly.

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Solutions Supported

Seasoned Experts

The team of people that you will be working with is highly skilled and trained, but you expected that. Here is how we are different: all of our team is full time with us, diligently trained, many with over 10 years of industry experience.

If you engage us, you won’t be working with uncommitted part time people or sub-contractors.

We’ll own it and we’ll get you where you need to be.

Support You Can Count On

Our expertise doesn’t stop with new implementations, consulting or upgrades. You will get the same level of skill and commitment on all ongoing support and maintenance routines for years to come.

We allow you to focus on the core of your business and operations while we keep the infrastructure running smoothly for you.

Partnership You Will Love
(and love you back)

Once you start working with us, our goal will be to really get to know your company, your people and your systems. How?

You get a dedicated team of experts... forever.

Our team will get to know you, and sometimes even predict detailed issues that may arise.

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  • “In healthcare IT, every second counts. Techport Thirteen’s managed, implementation, and support services absolutely sustain our It department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We would not be where we are today as an IT department without Techport Thirteen’s managed, implementation, and support services.”

    - Mike Smith, Director of Technical Services, Carilion Clinic
  • “Techport Thirteen does a great job of representing HP Service Manager capabilities, how to optimally configure, when it makes economic sense to customize, and then performs the implementation work on time and within planned budget.”

    - Mary Kay Petersen, Director, IT Service Management, Mentor Graphics
  • “Techport Thirteen was able to resolve all of the issues we were having, including the ones we were told by HP couldn't be fixed. It truly was a no-brainer at that point.”

    - Sheri Robertson, Sr. Help Desk Analyst, Alston & Bird LLP

Sr. Leadership Guide to Choosing the Right IT Partner

30-point guide to helping you justify and select the right IT Partner, for all of your IT Service and
Asset Management needs: 

  1. In house vs. outsourced decision
  2. Team & Internal processes
  3. Company size, track record and financial stability
  4. References - what to ask for?
  5. Cost/Value relationships
  6. Getting your Sr. Leadership buy-in

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